Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ootd: floral and a little edgy ft. topshop

i wore this outfit w/a maxi skirt from american apparel so that i would be in dress code for school but it was hot when i got home. top: topshop, shorts: old navy, necklace: francesca's, shoes: forever 21
[also our wifi was out for a few days last week and i realized how much i rely on wifi. god bless america and the internet for the wifi being back. portlandia s3 on netflix, anyone?]
dress: topshop (my stepmom picked it out and it's so unlike me but it fits so well that i had to get it!), cheetah belt: macy's, fake converse: a hand-me-down from target a long time ago!
this outfit was probably one of the most edgy outfits i've ever worn and i really liked it.
some of the drinks i've been loving- left: steaz iced peach green tea. this can is 80 calories and lasts me several hours and it's so good. i tried the green tea + lemonade type and i didn't like it as much but i know they have many other flavors and i usually get them at whole foods. right: iced pumpkin spice latte with soy milk. starbucks has brought out the pumpkin spice so it's obviously fall! (although i could hang onto bright colors and florals for a little longer) this drink is so good and lasts me all day because i rotate sips with a bottle of water.
xoxo, molly

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