Monday, June 17, 2013

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happy father's day

just as i am blessed with two mothers, i am also blessed with two fathers. i spent the day celebrating how fun and great they are and it really was a great day. i don't think i thank them enough for all of the great things that they do for me because there are not words for what great men they are!

left: superman shirt for my pops, right: my stepmom with my dad
 we went to this brunch place that's only open on mother's day/father's day/easter as tradition and opened presents and talked about some of our favorite memories with my daddy. below: me and my sibs w/my dad

my letter to my daddy: "What a guy. I'm continually blessed by your love, wisdom, and encouragement. You've taught me that it's okay to be silly and cheesy jokes should be told in plenty. Five years ago we thought cancer would get the best of you and now we're looking at a multi-organ surgery to possibly get rid of it for good. I'm so thankful for the strong, godly man that you are and I'm so thankful that I can call you dad. I love you, Pops."

old photo to convey how silly my stepdad is
we got him a batman shirt, unplanned from the superman shirt too!

 and we celebrated at the new dave and buster's. we played so many games and their prizes were lame so we cashed our tickets in for candy and then went and got ice cream.

how did you celebrate father's day? what are the nicknames you have for your dad?
[i have pops, padre, daddy, dad, daddy-o, old man, etc]

xo, molly

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the past few weeks according to instagram

getting tacos with my big brother

dinner with two of my favorite girls

getting very excited about the new arrested development eps

 celebrating memorial day with my diy american flag shorts

taking advantage of the first day it felt warm enough to go swimming!

making the most out of our last physics project

finding a new taco spot with my sissy

celebrating my friend's birthday by sharing my hair with her

starbucks and chick-fil-a during finals week

the best meal for someone who loves cheese and tomatoes

eating oranges the only way we know how...

...and stopping at my favorite snow cone spot for a dreamsicle snow cone!
it's my favorite color (a bright orange) and tastes exactly how i'd imagine summer would.

i'm so so excited for summer. i love being able to wear tank tops and shorts everyday without a teacher telling me to change because i'm against dress code. i'm setting a few goals for this summer because i'm going to be here nearly the whole summer and i want to make sure i'm productive. these goals are: being social and actually asking people to hang out instead of sitting around waiting for them to offer, running at least 4 times a week, visiting the colleges i'm interested in applying to, and being consistent with my blog by continuing to be creative or continuing to search for inspiration when i'm extremely uninspired.

what are you doing this summer? are you setting any goals to stay productive? 
or are you going out of town to any fun spots?

xo, molly