Saturday, June 14, 2014

senior graduation tea | sweet home alabama part 1

hey y'all! i don't know if this is something they do all over the US but in texas (er, in my city?), girls have graduation tea parties during the second semester of their senior year. when you think of a tea party, you probably think hot tea, chinaware, and tiny little sandwiches. well, you would be happy to know that every girl has a different themed tea! i went to an international tea, a pajama/pancakes tea, a real tea party, but girls even go as far as "pink and pearls," or "rain boots and umbrellas," etc. the sky is the limit! every tea theme reflects the girl's personality. this being said, of course i had a southern tea. i mean, what were you expecting? :)

(shoutout to the best sissy ever)

i set out with a goal in mind. i wanted everyone who came to the party to say "oh my goodness this is the cutest tea i've ever been to." or "molly, this is you in a tea." i'm really OCD when it comes to parties and projects and i micromanaged this tea to the last blackberry on the cupcake and butt in a chair. the invites went out, reading "molly's sweet tea" at the top, telling everyone to come wearing summery colors or their favorite floral.

mini pulled pork sliders, mini chicken salad sandwiches, homemade macaroni and cheese, fruit salad in a watermelon boat, lemon cupcakes with blackberry buttercream frosting, and the cutest cookies ever made by my friend taylor! drinks were raspberry lemonade and sweet tea.

(the best food ever and all made by my mama)

war eagle and sweet home alabama, i'm going to auburn! :)

i found most of the ideas for my tea on pinterest but when i came across the recipe for the cupcakes, i could not resist. i don't like chocolate so i wanted to do something other than boring old vanilla cupcakes and this was the yummiest alternative i could find. 
lemon + blackberry = molly drooling for all eternity.

stay tuned for part 2: decor for the party!

xoxo, molly

Friday, June 6, 2014

doodleollymissmolly is back from hiatus!

wow. senior year was a whirlwind and chewed me up and spit me out and i'm somehow just now writing a blog post for the first time in six months! i don't even know what to say so understand that i'm incredibly sorry. i needed a break because my creative well had been tapped dry and i'm now getting back into the swing of things.

expect pictures of my spring because my goodness there are lots! can't wait to get back into what i love and can't wait for the summer ahead of me. at the end of the summer i'm going to be moving into college for my freshman year. how weird is that? i'd love to do posts on my experiences and how/what i'm packing if anyone would like to see it! leave requests in the comments and i'll make it happen (i think i owe that to you with this weird hiatus.)

hiatus = over. molly's back for good.

xoxo, molly