Thursday, November 6, 2014

my time in college so far | fourteen weeks

Y'all, college is so much fun. So much fun but so much work and stress. I'm loving my time here and here's a picture update!

my parentals (minus one!) came for parent's weekend!

daddy + toomer's corner lemonade

post-LA Tech win with mama

first SEC game as a student in jordan-hare! #allorange

I went home for a quick fall break and saw one of my
best friends and favorite people in the whole world!

it's not the state fair of Texas without a corndog, y'all

I got to go to one of my high school's football games and I
got to see some of my favorite band am I an alumni already?

my sorority's semi formal!

girls + dates

some of my favorite sorority sisters

cherry on top was getting my brother and dad to do a theta kite with me!

It's been so fun, y'all. School is stressful and I've been super busy but I really love my school and I love the people I'm meeting and all the stuff that comes along with it! Thanksgiving is coming up so so soon and then I'll be home for Christmas so the semester has flown by!

How's your semester going? What's the hardest part about college for you?

xoxo, Molly