Sunday, March 24, 2013

ootd: ben rector concert

so last night i went to the ben rector concert and i liked my outfit so i thought i'd do a little outfit of the day!

top: target, skirt: jcpenney's?, earrings: unknown, bracelet: nordstrom, heels: dsw

a simple outfit but i think the few pieces kind of speak for themselves. i'm not usually a "wear heels to a concert" sort of girl but these wedges called to me from their never-opened box in my closet and so i just kind of suffered through the night while periodically taking them off. what are you gonna do, right?

we also got to meet the opener, alpha rev, aka the most attractive/sweetest guys and that was pretty cool.

what kind of music do you guys listen to? what's your "go-to" concert outfit? are you beyond against heels?

xo, molly

Friday, March 22, 2013

"no makeup" look and review

i picked up a few products this past weekend and i've been wearing them constantly so i thought i'd do a little review...

nice to meet you, my name's...

hi, my name's molly and i'm 17 years old! i love all things beauty and fashion related (i watch way too much youtube) and when i graduate i want to pursue a career in interior design.

here's some pictures to help you get to know me:

this is my family

camp barnabas is the happiest place on earth

passion fruit tea lemonade is the reason why i love starbucks

haiti is the most amazing country

i love musicals...and mexican food.

my church group is some of my favorite people ever...

...and here's some selfies that i haven't been able to use anywhere else.

 i'm just a normal, teenage girl with an abnormal knowledge of makeup and fashion and a great love for all things television/youtube/hollywood. hang around if you'd like a little peek into my life!

                                                                           xo, molly

 p.s. the name comes from a nickname my mom had for me when i was little!