Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ootd: fall into winter (as seen at target)

hello lovelies! so sorry for the lack of posts! i've been working hard to finish this semester but i haven't forgotten to take pictures of my outfits so stay tuned for lots of posts over winter break!
the trees on my street finally look like fall and it's the 17th of december!
sweater: target, skirt: target, tights: also target, necklace: francesca's, boots: aldo
 ...my house is fully decorated for christmas! i love this time of year. it makes me so happy.
nails: essie fiji with milani glitter top coat for an accent nail
what's your favorite season? do you shop at target? (i do all the time, they have some great stuff!)
xoxo, molly

Monday, November 25, 2013

ootd: peplum and patterned pants

patterned pants have been my absolute favorite for the past year. i got this pair and another floral pair on sale at urban outfitters during one of their mega sales (like 50% off of original sale items) and got two pairs of jeans which were normally at least $70 each for $40 altogether! i highly recommend looking around in the sale section whenever they have these huge sales because even if you don't usually find something there, you never know what you'll find! there's almost nothing better than paying next to nothing for great clothes.

peplum: nordstrom, pants: urban outfitters (on sale for $20!!!)

necklace: francesca's, shoes: steve madden

now for wearing them: patterned pants are extremely loud. this being said, pair with neutrals. since the other color in this pair is black, i paired it with a black peplum top to keep with the color scheme and add a little femininity to the outfit. i added the neutral flats to break up the black and pull it all together. you could add any necklace, i just thought a little pop of white would be nice.

how do you wear patterned pants? how are you getting used to the cold weather?

xoxo, molly

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ootd: fit and flare dress

spontaneous dress day for senior week with one of my best friends, sofia! i chose a cute fit and flare dress from francesca's (slim at the top but has a full skirt at the bottom) and it's one of the most comfortable and cute dresses i have!

dress: francesca's, necklace: francesca's, tights: target, boots: payless, belt: macy's
this is just a simple dress but if you pair it with the right accessories, it's really cute!

what's your favorite kind of dress?

xoxo, molly

Saturday, November 9, 2013

ootd: how to wear combat boots

today's post is all about combat boots! i found these beautiful little green doc martens at my local buffalo exchange (upper scale thrift store) and they were over 50% less than the original price and already worn in! i bought some a few years ago at christmas because i've always liked the way they look but they're so uncomfortable when you first get them that i couldn't find the strength to keep them long enough to break them in. thus, the best shoes ever! here's a few ways i like to style them...

 outfit #1 "comfy"- plaid shirt: urban outfitters (awhile ago but you can find something similar anywhere!), jeans: urban outfitters (the most comfy jeans i have ever owned in my entire life. i have literally fallen asleep in them they're so comfy and i think they look really good) shoes: doc martens (<- link to buy them new), tank top: nordstrom, necklace: american apparel

this is a good outfit for fall because plaid is really in and the pantone color of the year is emerald and green is also really in for fall! i'd wear this outfit to school (because i obviously did) or to hang out with friends!

outfit #2 "dressy"- peplum top: nordstrom, jeans and boots: same from above, bag: dooney and bourke (my mom's old bag), necklace: brighton(?), red lip: christian dior holiday red lipstick (courtesy of my mom)

i went to dinner with my sister at breadwinner's (greatest staff, might i add) and we did a little shopping afterwards (hi, nordstrom's dressing room! thanks for having a nice mirror area!) this outfit isn't too dressy but it isn't casual. the red lip added a little snazziness to the outfit, something i wasn't even planning on, i just love a good red lip.

"whoa hey that's me"
our waiter at dinner actually asked me if i worked at the mall (sephora, nordstrom, h&m, or lush) and thought i was of legal drinking age in this outfit so it definitely made me look more mature! i'll take it!

what is your favorite trend for fall? how do you feel about different lip colors?
how would you wear combat boots?

xoxo, molly

Saturday, November 2, 2013

ootd: homecoming neon 80s

homecoming at my school was a few weeks ago and the theme was "neon ladies and workout 80s" and i had a fun time picking out an outfit for it! homecoming at my school is like a big costume party.


on the left: i decided to go to american apparel for my outfit because they have neon and workout stuff and i went in knowing i wanted to wear a skirt because i feel more girly when i'm wearing a skirt and it was a dance so yeah. the neon pink top was a crop tshirt and the neon orange skirt was like a chiffon type material. they layered pretty well and i wasn't exposed at all! orange is my favorite color and i really like the way neon pink looks so i was happy to wear both colors!

on the right: my mom wanted to go to buffalo exchange (thrift shop) to look for shoes and i found these amaaazing reflective/holographic shoes. they kind of completed the whole outfit and they weren't too expensive so i was completely sold!

 i ended up wearing some of my mom's huge earrings from the 80s with some other accessories and cream legwarmers also from american apparel! here's a picture of me with some friends for some other outfit ideas..

me with my date and the other couple in our group

an outfit like that is only complete with barbie nails
nail polish: revlon passion punch shimmer (discontinued, unfortunately)
heart ring: forever 21, midi ring: boutique in uptown

homecoming was so much fun and i was so happy with how everything came together!
how was your homecoming? is it a costume or formal dance?

xoxo, molly

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ootd: war eagle

top: vintage aubie from anders bookstore in auburn, circle skirt and shoes: urban outfitters, necklace: francesca's

i don't know if i've made my love for auburn university clear but i love it! it's one of the most beautiful college campuses you'll ever set foot on and the people are just lovely. my grandpa, dad, and big brother went there and after spending a week there this summer for design camp, i'd like to be there next fall more than anything! it's scary to think i could be so far from home but it's just a new part of my life i'm about to jump into after graduation.

here's me and my goofy/hilarious/gorgeous/wild haired/smart/talented friend detzany

how's your fall going? fall is my favorite time of year and i'm ready for the leaves to change and for the temperature change to be permanent here!

xoxo, molly

Monday, October 21, 2013

ootd: god save the queen

top: nordstrom, skirt: target, necklace: francesca's


i never wear such monochromatic outfits but this is one of my new favorites. the top is really soft and both pieces are really comfy but they look really put together when worn at the same time. the top is supposed to be like a long sleeve crop top and it hits just past the waist. the english flag design on it completely sold me.


i've been letting my hair do its own thing these days and i only style it with heat every once in awhile because i'm still trying to grow it out so some days i end up with cool waves like these and some days it looks like a total lion's mane. i think i added a few curls to the front of my hair to give it some shape but besides that it's just natural. i rubbed in a little bit of the watermelon revlon lip butter to create a stain-like look and it's just a little darker than my natural lip color. i think it helped add a little color to my face with such plain colors going on!

what's your opinion on black and white outfits?

xoxo, molly

p.s. two blog posts in one night? that's right, i'm trying to hide the fact that i've been so busy. is it working?

ootd: weekend trip to miami

a few weeks ago i took a weekend trip to miami to visit my dad and stepmom! if you don't know me in real life, my dad moved to miami at the beginning of july for a multi-visceral transplant of his liver, pancreas, stomach, and small intestine to get rid of his (pancreatic and liver) cancer for good! his surgery took place at the beginning of august when i was just starting school so when i flew out for the weekend it was the first time i had seen him in several months. he is doing well after the surgery (he's the new poster boy at his hospital!) and is at home in miami now but still has a little ways to go before he can return home to dallas (hopefully by christmas!)

first time seeing each other in two months

our miami tradition is to go to shake shack right after they pick me up from the airport because 1) it's so good and 2) we don't have shake shack in dallas. we had a coffee and donuts concrete later on in the week and it was beyond words so good.

one of my aunt and uncle's dogs, gigi. she likes laying on my chest and runs over to me and licks me on my face whenever i sneeze. puppies know the way to my heart.

trying on a dress in francesca's! go and get this dress if you live near a francesca's. it looked so good on, sadly the zipper thought otherwise.

cardigan: american eagle, bralette: nordstrom, top: nordstrom/forever 21, shorts: nordstrom

we took a trip to the beach this day and had a nice little picnic while we were there! things like this make me really wish i lived near a beach because i would be there all the time.

peplum top: target, shorts: old navy, makeup bag: vera bradley
so comfy and still cute and this picture doesn't do a great job of showing that off but i didn't have the best mirror for pictures

salsa fiesta on biscayne blvd in miami is ridiculously good and has one of the best interiors i've ever seen (because that's one of the most important things to me) also i love hand painted skulls and really cool light fixtures so this place was a dream and their food is sooo good.

me and my stepmom's salads at nordstrom bistro in miami. when food looks this good, you have to take a picture of it if you ask me.

miami is the best and i can't wait to go back for thanksgiving!

xoxo, molly

p.s. i hope you all enjoy these sorts of posts, these are my favorite to make!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

i know what you did last summer

this title is both amusing and incorrect because I never got around to talking about my summer! it was so relaxing and fun and I did so many new things.
I visited my grandparents in south carolina and we went to the beach several times [tradish chaco tan]

I went to design camp at auburn university (my grandfather, dad, and brother's alma mater). it was seriously so cool. we got to learn about fashion design (my least favorite and the most focused on topic sigh), interior design (what I want to major in), and visual merchandising. we had different activities every day and at the end of the week, each group had designed their own "store window." my group chose a nautical lilly pulitzer design and we were given post-its as our inspiration so everything in the window was made from post-its or paper and then I handmade the lilly out of hot pink yarn! it was a really cool experience and it gave me a lot of insight into the majors.

the sprinkles 24 hour cupcake atm opened and me and my friend neena had to go and see what it was all about. (hi neena, if you're reading this)

I went to see my dad and stepmom while they are temporarily living in miami. we started the tradition of going to shake shack after they pick me up from the airport and the next day went to the most relaxing beach I have ever been to. there were no waves. and when I say no waves, I mean no waves. the water was cool and it wasn't too hot and it was just lovely.
me and my sweet stepmom

my sister came a few days after I got there and this is what I wore to her birthday dinner. on the right is the beautiful biltmore hotel. we had afternoon tea there one afternoon and I loved it. it's so beautifully decorated and the structure of all of it is so intricate it's insane.
top: unknown, maxi skirt: american apparel, necklace: possibly brighton

my stepmom's sister-in-law works for carnival and we got to go on the carnival breeze one afternoon for lunch before the ship left on its trip. none of us had ever been on a cruise ship before so it was such a cool experience. it's like a mini city on the water and it definitely cleared up my fears and inquisitions about being on a cruise ship.

if you know anything about me, you'll know that I have a huge sweet tooth. we went to this cute little shop called le macaron owned by this sweet frenchman who makes all of the macarons himself. they have flavors like: pistachio, passion fruit, basil, salted caramel, etc. I tried coconut and raspberry and fell in love. they're just so good. I can't describe them well enough, you just have to try them.

view from the top floor of the biltmore where the VIPs stay; including the president and (awhile ago) al capone, no joke