Monday, October 21, 2013

ootd: weekend trip to miami

a few weeks ago i took a weekend trip to miami to visit my dad and stepmom! if you don't know me in real life, my dad moved to miami at the beginning of july for a multi-visceral transplant of his liver, pancreas, stomach, and small intestine to get rid of his (pancreatic and liver) cancer for good! his surgery took place at the beginning of august when i was just starting school so when i flew out for the weekend it was the first time i had seen him in several months. he is doing well after the surgery (he's the new poster boy at his hospital!) and is at home in miami now but still has a little ways to go before he can return home to dallas (hopefully by christmas!)

first time seeing each other in two months

our miami tradition is to go to shake shack right after they pick me up from the airport because 1) it's so good and 2) we don't have shake shack in dallas. we had a coffee and donuts concrete later on in the week and it was beyond words so good.

one of my aunt and uncle's dogs, gigi. she likes laying on my chest and runs over to me and licks me on my face whenever i sneeze. puppies know the way to my heart.

trying on a dress in francesca's! go and get this dress if you live near a francesca's. it looked so good on, sadly the zipper thought otherwise.

cardigan: american eagle, bralette: nordstrom, top: nordstrom/forever 21, shorts: nordstrom

we took a trip to the beach this day and had a nice little picnic while we were there! things like this make me really wish i lived near a beach because i would be there all the time.

peplum top: target, shorts: old navy, makeup bag: vera bradley
so comfy and still cute and this picture doesn't do a great job of showing that off but i didn't have the best mirror for pictures

salsa fiesta on biscayne blvd in miami is ridiculously good and has one of the best interiors i've ever seen (because that's one of the most important things to me) also i love hand painted skulls and really cool light fixtures so this place was a dream and their food is sooo good.

me and my stepmom's salads at nordstrom bistro in miami. when food looks this good, you have to take a picture of it if you ask me.

miami is the best and i can't wait to go back for thanksgiving!

xoxo, molly

p.s. i hope you all enjoy these sorts of posts, these are my favorite to make!

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