Friday, August 28, 2015

be a living testimony of His love and glory

Have you ever just started crying during worship at church? Like one of those totally-caught-up-in-the-music-and-how-awesome-Jesus-is moments? That happened to me last night and I can honestly say that's one of my favorite feelings ever. I feel at one with God when I'm dancing and singing his praises and I started crying such happy tears because I felt like Jesus was standing there holding my hand. (with one of those hand-squeezes that usually happen at the end of a prayer, ya know?)

I've been filled with so much anxiety about the new year and my new classes and new living space and everything so new. I wake up every morning filled with anxiety, my first thought being "WHY DID I HIT SNOOZE SIX TIMES?!" I worried through every part of my day yesterday; from running late to class, to hanging out with people I didn't know, to going to church by myself. Let me just tell you that God had a hand in everything that happened to me yesterday, telling me to find my trust in Him. I made it to class on time, I met some new friends, and God gave me a friend to sit with at church.

Y'all, honor God and He will show you so much glory! He wants you to go to class and sit next to that girl who ends up being your bestie, He wants you to go and worship Him (and will make a way for you to get there while having the best time), He wants you to go out there and be a living testimony. Pastor Blake Cotter at ONE last week said something that really hit home for me: "Your life is the only Bible some people will ever read." Doesn't that just give you chills (with a side of a little conviction)? Live in a way that people will say, "Are you always this happy? Why are you so pumped...? It's Monday morning..." Live in a way that people will want to know why you have so much love, joy, peace, and patience in your heart and just say "Jesus."

Get pumped for Jesus, y'all. Wake up everyday and remind yourself that this day is a gift from God and He's there in your walk to class (up that mega hill, who's with me on that Thach concourse?), He's there in that awkward conversation with that cute boy in class, He's there in that long line for Starbucks, and He's definitely there in those 8 AM's. God is there in the good days and the bad days and He loves you more than you will ever know. (10 billion+ times more than that boy who won't text you back or doesn't realize you're his future wife)

Love on someone this week, make a new friend, sit next to someone you've never talked to before, invite someone to church with you. Be in community, find an accountability partner, join a small group. Stop waiting for things to change and stand up and be the change you want to see. I love you all so much and I hope you have a rockin' year. Let God reveal Himself to you and really put your trust in Him. Live a life that makes people want to know Jesus.