Monday, September 8, 2014

my time in college (so far) | four weeks

Four weeks have gone by and somehow it feels like I just moved in but also like it's time to go home for Thanksgiving! Here's some pictures of what I've been up to.

1. I moved in.

 2. I said goodbye to my sweet parents. (Don't worry, I've stopped calling home everyday.)

3. The designing for my dorm finally came to life!

 4. I went through Rush with some cool girls

5. I received a bid from Kappa Alpha Theta! 

6. Bid day happened.

7. Bid night happened.

8. Fell in love with my school a little more on a walk to class.

9. We went on a sisterhood retreat to Callaway Gardens. 
 10. Ben Rector {the love of my life} came to town

11. We did game day. Man, did we do game day. #beatarkansas

12. I got a cool sunburn.

Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek into my first month of college! My mama's coming soon for Parent's Weekend and I can't wait to hug her neck! :)

xoxo, Molly

what to bring to college

As you can tell from the title, today is all about what to bring to college! I know most people have probably started school (I don't know about schools on the trimester schedule) but this is always useful! (and kinda fun to read, too?) I started this list a few months before I started buying things for school and read tons of blog posts about how to move everything and I'm definitely not an expert but this is the list I ended up with. I'm probably leaving something out but this is what I brought and it worked for me! :)