Saturday, September 28, 2013

i know what you did last summer

this title is both amusing and incorrect because I never got around to talking about my summer! it was so relaxing and fun and I did so many new things.
I visited my grandparents in south carolina and we went to the beach several times [tradish chaco tan]

I went to design camp at auburn university (my grandfather, dad, and brother's alma mater). it was seriously so cool. we got to learn about fashion design (my least favorite and the most focused on topic sigh), interior design (what I want to major in), and visual merchandising. we had different activities every day and at the end of the week, each group had designed their own "store window." my group chose a nautical lilly pulitzer design and we were given post-its as our inspiration so everything in the window was made from post-its or paper and then I handmade the lilly out of hot pink yarn! it was a really cool experience and it gave me a lot of insight into the majors.

the sprinkles 24 hour cupcake atm opened and me and my friend neena had to go and see what it was all about. (hi neena, if you're reading this)

I went to see my dad and stepmom while they are temporarily living in miami. we started the tradition of going to shake shack after they pick me up from the airport and the next day went to the most relaxing beach I have ever been to. there were no waves. and when I say no waves, I mean no waves. the water was cool and it wasn't too hot and it was just lovely.
me and my sweet stepmom

my sister came a few days after I got there and this is what I wore to her birthday dinner. on the right is the beautiful biltmore hotel. we had afternoon tea there one afternoon and I loved it. it's so beautifully decorated and the structure of all of it is so intricate it's insane.
top: unknown, maxi skirt: american apparel, necklace: possibly brighton

my stepmom's sister-in-law works for carnival and we got to go on the carnival breeze one afternoon for lunch before the ship left on its trip. none of us had ever been on a cruise ship before so it was such a cool experience. it's like a mini city on the water and it definitely cleared up my fears and inquisitions about being on a cruise ship.

if you know anything about me, you'll know that I have a huge sweet tooth. we went to this cute little shop called le macaron owned by this sweet frenchman who makes all of the macarons himself. they have flavors like: pistachio, passion fruit, basil, salted caramel, etc. I tried coconut and raspberry and fell in love. they're just so good. I can't describe them well enough, you just have to try them.

view from the top floor of the biltmore where the VIPs stay; including the president and (awhile ago) al capone, no joke

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