Saturday, November 2, 2013

ootd: homecoming neon 80s

homecoming at my school was a few weeks ago and the theme was "neon ladies and workout 80s" and i had a fun time picking out an outfit for it! homecoming at my school is like a big costume party.


on the left: i decided to go to american apparel for my outfit because they have neon and workout stuff and i went in knowing i wanted to wear a skirt because i feel more girly when i'm wearing a skirt and it was a dance so yeah. the neon pink top was a crop tshirt and the neon orange skirt was like a chiffon type material. they layered pretty well and i wasn't exposed at all! orange is my favorite color and i really like the way neon pink looks so i was happy to wear both colors!

on the right: my mom wanted to go to buffalo exchange (thrift shop) to look for shoes and i found these amaaazing reflective/holographic shoes. they kind of completed the whole outfit and they weren't too expensive so i was completely sold!

 i ended up wearing some of my mom's huge earrings from the 80s with some other accessories and cream legwarmers also from american apparel! here's a picture of me with some friends for some other outfit ideas..

me with my date and the other couple in our group

an outfit like that is only complete with barbie nails
nail polish: revlon passion punch shimmer (discontinued, unfortunately)
heart ring: forever 21, midi ring: boutique in uptown

homecoming was so much fun and i was so happy with how everything came together!
how was your homecoming? is it a costume or formal dance?

xoxo, molly

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