Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ootd: first week of school

so sorry for how long it's been, everyone! i started summer band in august and then my pneumonia came back again last week so i've been busy and sick and stretched thin in all directions. new school year means new outfits and a new molly that's going to try harder this year (maybe my blog will hold me accountable)

first day! navy peter pan collar top: target (i cut the sleeves off!), orange skirt: h&m
my (not so) little sophomore grace anne is the cutest thing ever. also, the texture of this skirt is killer. i probably stared at it for 40% of the day.

cardigan: american eagle, top: nordstrom, jeggings: gap, shoes: sperry's/chacos

 photo shoot with my mama and she grabbed all of these candid, silly, ridiculous, completely molly shots. glad she's now inducted into the blog's hall of photographers! (that's not real, i made that up)


 name a time and place when i haven't taken silly selfies and you'll win a million doll hairs. (<-name that tv show)

came home today to a bouquet of orange sunflowers from my dad and stepmom! they sent a card with it hoping that i had a good first day at school (they're in miami for the next few months.) not only is orange my favorite color but sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. i'm super obsessed with this picture, too. so cool to come home after a frustrating day to something so beautiful. also i started senior year yesterday. that feels so weird to say. i honestly remember the first day of freshman year, how am i already a senior?

are you going back to school? what kinds of outfits do you wear to school?

xoxo, molly


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