Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mother's day

happy mother's day to the two most beautiful women in my life. 

god blessed me with a mama who has always taught me to have my own voice and opinion and that i can do anything i want to do and i can dye my hair any color and has loved me through everything. she's the one who first called me "Doodle Olly, Miss Molly." [not sure where the doodle or olly part came from but whatever] she's taught me how to deal with hardships and how to keep my chin up when i really don't want to and that's something i will be thankful for for the rest of my life. i've always loved being her stylist and i've loved growing up watching a woman who loves herself without makeup but loves the thrill of putting her makeup on and doing her hair and picking out a cute outfit. i wouldn't have my style without her words of wisdom and i would know nothing about beauty/fashion without all of the tips and tricks she's taught me throughout the years. she's taught me that your voice is something you should never let anyone take away from you because having your own opinion is one of the greatest things in life. she's taught me how to stand up for myself and remain confident in my decisions even when others don't like them, because we will be persecuted just as jesus was. you are one rock solid mama and i love experiencing the world with you one cupcake/cake ball/recipe at a time.

god also blessed me with a stepmother unlike any other stepmother. when i found out that my dad was getting remarried, i couldn't believe it because he'd been on his own for so many years. when you first hear the word "stepmother", you automatically think of the ugly stepmother in cinderella, a mean, ugly old woman who hates everything that is nice and good. karen is the polar opposite of this description. she is the most loving, compassionate, godly, hilarious woman that i have been blessed to know. she is the most optimistic and kind-hearted person to ever walk into my life. i'm constantly being shaped by her in how i look at the world and she constantly tells me how much she loves me and believes in me. she has taken care of my dad through his cancer and me through my illnesses [cough (no pun intended) this past week] and she's just a rock. she is so funny and also has the greatest laugh you will ever hear. i love love love this woman because she loves the lord with a full heart and because of this she's able to love the world (and me!) like he did. there should be more karen's in this world because i swear we'd all be better because of it.

[check out the collages for some cute and some ridiculously embarrassing pictures of me with these ladies]

how did you celebrate mother's day?
go and give your mama a hug//send her some flowers//tell her that you love her

xoxo, molly

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