Saturday, April 27, 2013

what to pack for a spring/summer trip

 a couple weeks ago, i went with my school's band on our annual spring trip and i overpacked like always so i thought it might be a good way to show what i pack in my suitcase! 
(i'm not the only nosy one that likes this kind of stuff, am i?)

top and bottom: one basic white belt, black leather belt with gold bow accent (nordstrom)

top row: tshirts (tons to throw over a swimsuit or wear to sleep), nice tank tops/sleeveless tops, beach towel (vera bradley)

second row: scarves (because i love them and i can't ever decide so i pack all of them)
red polka dot scarf  (gap), orange floral scarf (nordstrom), animal print scarf (gift)

third row: swimsuits (target), sweatpants/leggings/camis (to throw on when it gets a little chilly or feeling a little lazy), nice tops/tshirts (top one is from gap)

last row: neutral shorts (like brown and navy), colored shorts (i have hot pink, teal, and blue), and running shorts/nike shorts

definitely don't pack as much as me, only pack the essentials. i just love clothes a lot and feel like i have to plan for every single activity and a back-up and an emergency and a back-up for the emergency.

 here's some pictures from the day we went to the harbor!
always need an awkward/squinty selfie

 my friend detzany!
and my sweeeettt friend catherine!

are you guys taking any spring trips? are you an overpacker or do you pack just enough? what are the ways you try to qualify your overpacking?

xo, molly

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