Wednesday, April 17, 2013

my week according to instagram

fat straws with my bffl and our little
took my best friend out for her birthday

an obligatory "happy birthday" collage for her
i celebrated national sibling day with my three favorite weirdos
band trip to corpus ft. two of my favorite freshmen (ps check out that big hair)
worked on my chaco tan
spent the night with two of my favorite people ever
and i took part in the toms one day without shoes movement to raise awareness
for kids all around the world that go without shoes everyday without choice

it was a good week.

how was your week? did you do anything interesting? is anyone turned off by chaco tans? (i don't think that's possible but i thought i'd ask)

xo, molly

p.s. the toms one day movement is a great experience. this was my second year doing it (both times at my high school) and so many people gave me weird looks and asked me if i forgot my shoes. i had one teacher who was really supportive and proud of me and her encouragement really made my day and made it so worth it. if this is something that interests you, i'd challenge you to join me next year! i checked my student code of conduct and there's nothing in there about not wearing shoes but i don't know if it's that way for every school. i think some groups get sponsors for the event but i haven't met anyone who's gutsy enough to go without shoes with me so unfortunately, i can't join in on that one. it really puts you in your place and opens up your eyes to (kind of ) what people deal with everyday. i don't think there's a single person out there who deserves to be without shoes so definitely go and support toms, they donate a pair of shoes for every purchase! [stepping off of my soapbox now]

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