Thursday, May 30, 2013

first impression: lancome teint miracle foundation

I finally squeezed my last squeeze of my laura mercier tinted moisturizer this weekend so when my mom went to lancome for a new eye cream, we asked about a new foundation for me. I told the lady working at the counter that I was looking for a foundation that didn't have light coverage but didn't have heavy coverage either. basically, I want it to look natural but not too natural, you know? well she came back with the teint miracle foundation and swatched it on my wrist area and it looked just like my skin tone but better. the coverage was great and I liked it but my mom told the lady how I have trouble committing to these sorts of things so she sent us home with a little sample along with the one we purchased so that I can tell for sure if I like it or not! (she was the nicest)

so here's my first impression of it. I hadn't worn it before today or before I took these pictures so this is all 100% genuine!

lovely lovely packaging for my full size

here's a picture of the bottle from their website. I think I'm the shade buff 5C but could be wrong!
I found this on their website and it explains the glow that the product brings out. see the website for a full description because it's really interesting!

"Lancôme science discovers the inner light of perfect skin and recreates it.
Light is not only reflected on the surface it is also naturally re-emitted from deep within the skin. This is skin's inner light.  At its peak, this surface radiance (1) and inner light (3) constitute skin's aura."

it claims to diminish redness and hydrate skin for 18 hours, something everyone needs but mostly me!

here are four pictures from different times throughout the day!

1: around 7:30 am when I got out of the shower, did my makeup quickly, and applied the foundation. I used a translucent powder over the foundation to round off the look and went with my typical eye makeup. I really liked the coverage and liked how my face didn't look shiny or pink like it usually does. 

2: around 12, so lunchtime. it was an extremely humid day here and it rained for twenty minutes and usually my face either melts or my foundation is completely see-through. I was so pleased to see that it was still matte after walking outside several times!

3: when I got home around 4:30 in the same light from #1. the only complaints I had was that my forehead was a little shiny (I could have applied more powder and it would have been fine) and my skin felt a little dry but I didn't apply a great moisturizer.

4: getting home from dinner around 8:30. my face was a little pink and my forehead still a little oily but it held up so well for 13 hours! 

I would highly recommend this foundation. seeing that my face felt a little dry, I would either recommend it to people with oily skin (because it's great at keeping away the shine) or I would just suggest using a good moisturizer, or to people with redness problems like me! the color matched my skin tone so well and they have around 30 shades so it's impossible to not be able to find one that matches. it retails at $40, which can be a little pricy but it's worth it for this good of a foundation. it comes with 30mL, has a pump, and a little goes a long way (more time in between purchases!)

have you tried this foundation? if so, what are your thoughts? what are the common things that you look for in a foundation?

xo, molly

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