Friday, March 22, 2013

"no makeup" look and review

i picked up a few products this past weekend and i've been wearing them constantly so i thought i'd do a little review...

i picked up the "holy grail" revlon colorstay foundation in the shade 150 buff for combination/oily skin and the revlon photoready translucent powder

revlon colorstay foundation retails at $9.99, revlon photoready powder retails at $10.99

i think the packaging is really nice for a drugstore, although i'm not a big fan of glass bottles.
(mainly because i'm way too clumsy for them)

i also picked up the forever coveted benefit they're real! mascara

benefit they're real! mascara retails at $23
if going solely by packaging, it's to die for. and then you put it on your lashes and you fall completely in love.

                         *excuse my "letting my hair air-dry after taking a shower" hair and crazy brows*
pictured: MAC naked lunch, revlon colorstay gel liner, benefit they're real! mascara, revlon photoready translucent powder, one of my mom's old ysl blushes and a little NARS laguna bronzer

this is currently my favorite new "no makeup" look because it's so easy but it looks so good on! it takes about five minutes (if you're pushing for time, if not, you could spend a little while perfecting the gel liner). this is so important on those days when i've stayed up late working on homework or watching an extra episode of something on netflix and need an extra 20 minutes of sleep, the 20 minutes i sacrifice my makeup for.

what's your favorite "no makeup" look? do you prefer a glass bottle to a tube of something or vice versa? how long do you spend on your makeup in the morning?

xo, molly

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