Friday, March 22, 2013

nice to meet you, my name's...

hi, my name's molly and i'm 17 years old! i love all things beauty and fashion related (i watch way too much youtube) and when i graduate i want to pursue a career in interior design.

here's some pictures to help you get to know me:

this is my family

camp barnabas is the happiest place on earth

passion fruit tea lemonade is the reason why i love starbucks

haiti is the most amazing country

i love musicals...and mexican food.

my church group is some of my favorite people ever...

...and here's some selfies that i haven't been able to use anywhere else.

 i'm just a normal, teenage girl with an abnormal knowledge of makeup and fashion and a great love for all things television/youtube/hollywood. hang around if you'd like a little peek into my life!

                                                                           xo, molly

 p.s. the name comes from a nickname my mom had for me when i was little!

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