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holiday gift guide 2014 | teen girls

Teenage girls are hard to shop for. Am I right or am I right? I'm a teen girl and I can definitely vouch for this one. I know what I like but gifts are just hard and I know it frustrates friends and family when they ask "So what do you want for Christmas?" and I reply with "Umm, I don't know." Here are some foolproof gift ideas for that lovely teenage girl in your life!


#1 Nail polish: Most teen girls love nail polish and it's such a fun gift. You can get them their favorite color or just an assortment! Nail polish is something I can't really justify buying for myself so I LOVE getting it as a present. {The picture included is of Deborah Lippman nail polish (aka the nicer and more expensive kind) which makes for a great gift but really you can find nail polish for any price!} Nail polish in picture can be found at:

#2 Eyeshadow Palette: This is a great gift for girls who are really into makeup or girls who are just starting to dip their toes in the whole makeup world. The Naked palettes from Urban Decay offer a wide range of colors and last for an eternity so it's not something she's going to have to repurchase every year. You can find really great eyeshadow palettes at different price ranges but the Urban Decay Naked Palettes are some of the best out there. It's priced at around $54 but like I said, she'll use it forever and it's a great addition to her makeup bag! Urban Decay Naked Palettes can be found at Ulta, Sephora, or on the Urban Decay website.

#3 Moroccan Oil/Hair Items: Okay, this isn't a necessity at all, but it's just a great little product and it smells so dang good. {they also sell a Moroccan Oil candle and let's just say that's definitely on my Christmas list!} This oil is really good for maintaining the health of the ends of your hair and the dead ends on my hair drink this stuff up. It's really great and is a nice way to feel pampered! Every girl in my family is hooked on this stuff. And did I mention it smells amazing? Moroccan Oil can be found on the Moroccan Oil website.

#4 Perfume: Perfume is really tricky to shop for but is something everyone loves! If you know of a specific fragrance that the girl in your life loves or know the kinds of things she likes, this is a great gift. I personally don't ever buy myself perfume so receiving it as a gift is such a special thing.


#5 A Keurig: This is a little more geared towards college girls. It gets pretty expensive buying coffee at Starbucks on campus all the time and it's so convenient to have coffee whenever you want right inside your dorm! Keurig's take K-Cups and it's basically like instant coffee, aka Starbucks minus the cost and time! Keurig's are sold pretty much everywhere but you can find them on Amazon and at Target and Walmart.

#6 Portable Battery: These are the BEST. I think everyone that owns a cell phone needs one of these things. Haven't heard of this before? You charge it at night, throw it in your bag for the next day, and it holds a full charge or two for whenever your cell phone or tablet decides it's done for the day. Portable batteries are so great when you're going to events, football games, or anything where you know you'll be taking lots of pictures or you won't be home for hours to charge your phone. Just plug your phone in with a normal USB charger and peacefully take as many pictures and send as many texts as you want! Portable chargers are sold pretty much everywhere: here's an article on the best.

#7 Apple TV: Just one of the greatest inventions of the 21st Century. Apple TV hooks up to your TV via an HDMI cord and lets you watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, anything on iTunes, and more from the comfort of your couch. I really like syncing my iPhone to my Apple TV and watching YouTube videos or listening to music through the TV's speaker. Apple TV can be found at Best Buy, and of course, Apple.


#8 Notebooks/Stationery: I don't know if all girls like this stuff but I definitely do! Pretty journals are fun to keep in a nearby drawer and get out to pencil down lists, thoughts, dreams, goals, etc. I don't have to tell you how to use a journal, do I? These notebooks are from Rifle Paper Co but the stationery at Target is some of the best and Paper Source is an entire store devoted to it!

#9 Books: Getting a book that I've been coveting is so exciting. My current favorite read is Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown Up. Grace is one of my favorite YouTubers and this book is so funny. I downloaded the audiobook and listened to it while I was pulling an all-nighter and it's just so funny. {let's see how many times I can say it's funny!} Books are great gifts because you can find them in any genre so there's a book out there for anyone!

#10 Candles: A good candle is hard to beat. Not to mention whenever they burn it, they'll always think of you! My favorite candles are from Bath and Body Works (currently burning: Cinnamon Sugar Donut and Pumpkin Marshmallow!) because you can pretty much find a scent for anyone on your shopping list there. I have a picky nose; I don't like anything too sweet, too musky, too fresh, but I can always find something that I like there! Three wick candles are on sale a lot and last so long so keep an eye out because you might be able to get several for a cheaper price!


#11 Purse/Tote Bag: I included a picture of a plain tote bag because they're such an easy piece in a girl's wardrobe but feel free to go crazy here. Purses are something a girl can hold onto for a few years or her whole life and it's such a special gift.

#12 Phone Case: Everyone has to have one so it's a great gift (especially if she's gotten a new phone recently!) Designer cases like Kate Spade are a fan favorite but I recently got this case (featured above) from Rifle Paper Co and it's so beautiful. (it didn't keep my phone's screen from shattering though!) Phone cases can be so personal and are a cute little accessory that she'll have on her at all times. I usually get my phone cases from Society 6 and they last a long time and their customer service is great if your case cracks!

#13 Wallet: Another one of those "everyone has to have one" so why not give a cute one? Kate Spade wallets are so cute and come in so many fun colors but I'll let you in on a secret: you can often find similar wallets at Target! Target's designers are so smart and make little accessories that look a lot like Kate Spade, just with a much more friendly price tag.

#14 Jewelry: Great gift for any occasion. These Kendra Scott earrings are so beautiful and the pair I own in black are reserved for special occasions and always feel so special. Jewelry has such a wide price range so there's something out there for anyone and for anyone's wallet!

#15 Clothes: If you know what they like, clothes are great gifts! I inserted a picture of this funny Ryan Gosling shirt because honestly, who doesn't want a shirt covered with Ryan Gosling's face? You can find the Ryan Gosling tee here and Clashist has so many funny graphic tees. 

{also if your teenage girl loves Gossip Girl: check out for the best shirt ever!}

#16 Personalized/Monogrammed Items: Etsy is the best place to find personalized items and most girls love monograms. I found these monogrammed headbands on Etsy and they're such a cute little accessory, especially for those bad hair days. Feel free to type "monogram" into the search on Etsy and see what all you can find! The cool part is you're supporting individuals who make them at home, not just another company. (that also means competing prices!)


If none of these ideas strike your fancy, gift cards and food are always good presents. The key is shopping for the person, not just buying something they won't use. If you know they don't use makeup, probably don't buy them something makeup-related (duh.) And while the options above are geared towards teenage girls, everyone's different and everyone likes different things!

Good luck in your search, and Merry Christmas!

xoxo, Molly

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