Thursday, July 11, 2013

freeman feeling beautiful facial clay mask and neutrogena redness soothing cream cleanser review

hello from Molly on vacation! I'm sorry I've been so bad about posting during the summer, I've been soaking up all of the rays and extra time in my days and I love love love it. I'm constantly posting on my twitter and instagram (both @mollysandlin) so you can keep up with me there if you desire!

I'm being good about this post as I purchased these products only a few hours ago so I'm trying! I picked up the freeman feeling beautiful facial clay mask with avocado and oatmeal and the neutrogena oil-free acne wash redness soothing cream cleanser. I'm honestly one of those "I'll try anything once" kind of girls when it comes to skincare, hair, and beauty products and ran out of cleanser and figured I'd pick up a new mask at the same time!

what drew me in with the cleanser was the "redness soothing" tag on the front because I suffer with redness a lot and figured this was for me. me being me, I didn't read the back of the bottle and it's for acne redness. whenever I'm done using a cleanser, my face is bright red for awhile after and I thought this would help and honestly I can't tell if it helped because my face is sunburned. (way to go, molly!) there was some tingling after a minute or two of it being on my face and it was an amount of tingling that had me going "dear god, get this off of me before my face burns off!" but it left my skin feeling nice and smooth after so maybe the ultra tingling is worth it?

the mask is great. I've made a mask at home before with avocado and oatmeal and it's just what my skin needs. the back of the tube says "this rich clay mask, with added oatmeal and vitamin E, draws out excess oils and dirt, purging clogged pores, leaving your skin clean and soft." and that's exactly what it did. it takes a minute to put it all on and it rinses off with warm water and is one of the easiest masks you could use. I've used this line's cucumber peel-off mask and I liked it but I've been left peeling the mask off for the rest of the day, getting pieces I didn't even see earlier! so this mask is just great. it's great and simple and easy. my only complaint would be that it leaves your skin feeling dry so I would follow with a cleanser or moisturizer.

it's also this fab mint color which is one of my favorites and isn't too scary to sport around the house for a few minutes while you let it dry (in my opinion)

have you tried any new skincare products recently? do you read the bottle fully before purchasing something? (guilty)

xo, molly

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